This week my youngest and I began our adventure in Grammar Land. We have been doing a variety of grammar-related activities over the years but I thought it would be fun to play in to his wonderful imagination and his love for stories and introduce grammar in a new way.

With that in mind, I downloaded the Librivox podcast of Grammar Land and I have a copy of it on my laptop. After listening to the introduction we discussed the premise of the book. Basically, the different parts of speech are arguing and it is up to the judge to listen to each part of speech plead their case and make necessary rules. My son was ready to get started! Yay!

Chapter one centers around Mr. Noun and at the end of the chapter the children of Schooldom are asked to write down 20 nouns. After our reading, we spent some time discussing the chapter and then he was asked to draw Mr. Noun standing before the judge as well as to write down 20 nouns. I loved watching him draw Mr. Noun based on the details from the story. We will spend a few days letting the concept of nouns continue to sink in before we move on to Chapter two.

Chapter 1 worksheet


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