Overachievers Anonymous...

"Hi my name is Shelley and I am an overachiever."

"Hi Shelley."

Yes it is so true. School comes to an end and the lazy days of summer begin. My mind fills with all the projects I have postponed because time has not permitted me to be creative. Soon I am up to my eyeballs in half-completed projects and then I feel the pangs of frustration.

Surely I am not alone in this homeschool mom epidemic! There must be more like me. So I thought I would (in an effort to prioritize) put my delusions of grandeur down for all to see.

1. Scrapbook newspaper clippings of my father. I saw a container at my mother's and wanted to help her with this project. Sadly this has been in my possession for 2 years. Scrapbook purchased but stalled out at the thought of preserving the clippings first or just scrapbooking them.

2. Make movie of my parent's wedding. This year for Mother's Day we had their wedding audio restored. I have scanned the wedding album and even have it laid out in the software. The song track has been selected. It is an instrumental version of "Unforgettable" performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra. I have stalled out as I take audio clips from the wedding and overlay that with the music. Once I motivate myself to finish this task I will get back to editing the pictures with the audio.

3. Remove wire shelving from pantry and finish pantry update.

4. Organize storage closet to appease my OCD and to make life easier when I have to venture in to the pit of despair.

5. Finish my decorating my daughter's bedroom. The room was painted over July 4th weekend. Now we have to repurpose (AKA spray paint) an old curtain rod. Then we will be finishing up the fabric headboard and deciding the best plan of attack for curtains. Also, repaint gold mirror for a more shabby chic feel. Once all that is done we can start hanging pictures and placing furniture.

6. Learn to make whole wheat sourdough bread and then decide if this will be a regular family menu item or continue to buy store-bought bread.

7.  Find an overnight business trip of my husband's so that I can tag along with my school supplies in tow. Spend the day he is working, reading and preparing for the new school year.

8. Read several books for fun that have been sitting on my bookshelf patiently waiting.

Even as I type this, I find myself exhausted and feeling defeated before I even really begin. Too many times, I am in a hurry to see the end result and I forget to enjoy the journey. As I look back over this list, I am reminded that I should be enjoying the journey and spend some time in each task searching for the joy.

1. Walk down memory lane and ask my children to join me as we revisit memories of my father. Share my childhood stories as the newspaper clippings remind me of them. Let my children know their grandfather.

2. Remind myself of an incredible example set before by my parents living out "till death do us part." Create a way for my mom to remember one of the happiest days of her life.

3. Spend time with my daughter and create a kitchen that she can enjoy cooking in.

4. Ok not much here that I can think of other than just to enjoy the vision becoming reality!

5.  Quality time with my daughter as we explore our creative side and finish up her room.

6.  I am happy to report that today I did check this item off the list and was even more thrilled when my husband said it was actually good. :-) Creating my starter from scratch and then working in the ktichen with my budding chef was well worth it!

7. This one has been a bit more difficult than expected. There is no doubt that my husband has an abundance of trips. Unfortunately none of them are short over nights. Still praying on this one because it has been such a blessing to me in the past. I typically take some school items, my Bible, journal and my Well-Planned Day calendar. It is during this time that I begin to get a vision of how my school day will flow and often I find my verse for each child.

8. This particular enjoyment has eluded me lately. I find myself just too tired to sit and read. No worries, I am positive I will recover in this area.

So what about you? What are your summer projects? Do you too suffer from Overachieveritis?


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