At the end of each year, I put together a photo album of our year. This has become a more recent tradition as the digital age has certainly made this task more simple to complete. While each page is filled with pictures and reminders of our year I try to sum it all up at the end of the album. This past year was hard to write about. I tried so hard not to make the theme "the year my daughter got sick" and yet I felt like I was trying to avoid the elephant in the room by doing so. So here in the virtual world I thought I would put down some lessons that 2010 has taught me.

  • I was reminded that I am weak and that my strength lies only with my Heavenly Father.
  • I was reminded that while He was using my daughter's lupus to mold her, He was also using it to continue His work in me.
  • I was reminded that all things work together for good to those who love God.
  • I was reminded that even though I want so much to fix her, it is when she is "broken" that His greatest work lies.
  • I was reminded that friendship is a gift from God.
  • I was reminded that talking with your children is important, but listening is even more.
  • I was reminded that I love being a housewife who homeschools her children and am blessed for the opportunity.
  • I was reminded that health is a gift.
  • I was reminded that (as a wise woman once shared) we (wives) are the thermometers of our home.
  • I was reminded about humility.
  • I was reminded that a pot of coffee and an invitation make for great Mondays.
  • I was reminded that James is my imagination, Lauryn is my sense of adventure, Kaelyn is my love of homemaking, and Ben is my sense of humor.
  • I was reminded that my husband was my helpmate and so thankful that God saw fit to put us together.
There is no doubt that 2010 was a challenging year in our home but I still I am thankful.


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