The 20th Century...

Yesterday, I spoke of Miss Beale's century chart and how we are going to use this to help us study the 20th century. Today was part one of the venture.

For my high schooler, we decided to use an 11x14 drawing pad. We came to know Charlotte Mason later in her homeschool education so this was the better choice for where we are at.

I began by showing her my feeble attempt at one as we discussed the definition of a century. Did I mention that I am artistically-challenged? I started with my own personal life in the 20th century. I felt like this would be the best place to start history...with their own personal story.

Since she is older, I decided she could make the grid and that by doing so this would help her understand the chart. So with pencils and ruler in hand she (and others in her co op) began designing the first grid.

This week's assignment is to begin filling in their life on the century chart. I am excited to see just how unique each one of them will be. We have four girls participating in this mini-co op. Can't wait to share them with you.


Kelly said...

REALLY fun! Can't wait to see the finished products!

Jennie said...

I love Laurin's chart and am so excited to see it unfold over the course of the year!! I feel so blessed that she can be a part of this Co-op!!

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