Through the Looking Glass...

For those that know our home has an intruder...It's name is Lupus. Sometimes it lurks quietly in the background and we almost forget it is here. Other times it acts like a spoiled child taking center stage and monopolizing all of our time. My daughter is a fighter but even she grows weary of this unpredictable intruder.

Last week she humbly confessed that she needed help, "Mom tomorrow can you help me wash my hair and cut my nails?" I knew this was much harder to ask than she would ever admit. I just nodded. The next morning I ran the bathwater and poured in some bath salts, kissed her forehead and told her that her bath was ready. Later I began blow drying her hair. As my brush gently pulled on her hair my mind could not help but recall her younger years.

Her hair was blonder then but just as thick. She always loved having her hair fixed. In fact it was quite a ritual in the evenings. She would get her shower and her dad would help dry her hair. He would dry it upside down so her hair would stick out all over and then she'd run down the hallway toward me beaming, "Mommy! I'm worth it!" Remember the L'Oreal commercials. Life for her was so innocent back then. Now I look in her eyes and sometimes think I see the weight of the world. She tries hard to be strong but this day...she let down her guard and allowed mom to take care of her.


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