Be our Guest...

Kaelyn and I love working in our home, cleaning and organizing and preparing meals. With four guests arriving, we had lots to do. Earlier in the week we had planned our menu and run our errands. The house was cleaned but we weren't done yet. With the guests arriving around lunch time, Kaelyn and I began to put the finishing touches on everything.

We wanted to make sure that everyone had a warm welcome so we made guest baskets for each room. In each basket we put fresh towels and wash cloths and for this occasion we made special wine labels to commemorate our Walk for Lupus.

I am big on preparing simple dishes when company is around. All too often I am over-ambitious with cooking and end up in the kitchen when I would rather be sitting with my company enjoying the conversations. So now I keep it delicious but simple. We grilled chicken and corn brushed in olive oil and paprika and complimented it with a spring salad. I also grilled extra chicken to make chicken salad for lunch the following day. I also keep fresh fruit and vegetables on hand for quick snacks.

Almond Trail Mix Recipe
3 cups Almonds
1 cup Dark chocolate chunks or chips
1 cup Craisins

Mix together


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