Whistle While You Work.

Recently, I read another blogger's post on how she spends her summer and being the partial compulsive perfectionist that I am I was intrigued. I love a clean organized home however I am also realistic enough to know that when you live with five other people your dreams and expectations may not always be met. This blogger had a fantastic suggestion about how to clean and organize your house. She simply suggested cleaning a room a week during the summer months. After reading that I was hooked! I could totally do this and so I proceeded to divide the house up in to 9 sections. Each week we work on thoroughly cleaning, throwing away, donating, and reorganizing each room. I have been amazed at all the junk we have been hanging on to and thrilled at removing all the clutter. We are now in week 4. I have clean closets and cabinets (inside and out), organized drawers and a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. I even polished my pots and pans. LOL


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