Oh the things little boys will do...

Thursday evening while on the phone with Jay, Ben in usual kid fashion shared how he and his friend ate scrambled bird eggs. I, in typical mommy-mode, panicked and began quizzing him; expecting him to basically become violently ill at any moment. After much dialogue, Jay talked me down off the ledge saying that this must be a tall tale of sorts and Ben is confused. No matter how I formed the questions, Ben's answer came back with absolute certainty that he ate scrambled bird eggs.

Fast forward to today.
I listen to a voicemail from the mom of Ben's friend sheepishly asking if Ben is ok. Her son has been ill and after speaking poison control has come to the conclusion that yes, indeed, he scrambled Ben and himself some bird eggs. Apparently the boys found some eggs that were pushed out of a nest and they decided to eat eggs for a snack. Luckily for Ben, he only had a couple of bites and has faired well. They young chef, however, did not get off so easy. He started throwing up and his body is working hard to get rid of the salmonella. So it is official, I can now say that my son has eaten scrambled bird eggs.


Jennie said...

I can't help but chuckle. he he

Sorry the friend is so sick and I'm glad Ben is OK.

Shelley said...

It is quite ok. Both the mom and I did laugh...otherwise I think we would start crying!

Mason and Terri's Mom said...

sorry but, MASON will NEVER be allowed to eat snacks with Ben again! :o)

::laughing hysterically::

wait, HOW did they COOK the eggs? How old was this kid? This mom allows her kid to COOK? Are you serious? Tell her to quit lying, she knows she cooked the eggs, she was wondering how the Cardinal eggs tasted. ha haaaa ha.

sorry I couldn't resist! IF she reads your blog just Tell her I'm KIDDING!

Shelly, you DO know its Elizabeth riiiight? ohhhkay.

Shelley said...

Of course I know it's you...Elizabeth. Apparently cooking eggs was his first egg lesson. It will certainly go down in Hurley family history!

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