Tending my own Garden

Spring is my time of year! I love planting flowers, cleaning out the house, and preparing for our summer break. It is also a time of reflection as I look back on the school year and begin thinking about the new one ahead. I contemplate our goals and how if we met them. I set new goals as I prayerfully consider the upcoming year. But this spring, something different began to take place.

This spring, I realized that it is my own garden that needed tending. We have a flower garden that over time and erosion has been left with hard, unfertile soil. We have sporadically tried to plant there but really had not paid much attention to the soil...it was just an afterthought. That is how I have felt about myself. I have neglected the very essence of who I am...soil in HIS hands. With four children, a husband that travels, and all the demands of daily life this is easy to do. I would read, pray, study but just like my garden throwing some seeds on poor soil will not bear much beauty.

The amazing lesson in all of this is GRACE. How in the world can I survive when I am running on fumes? How in the world can I fix this problem? I can't! I must allow God to tend my garden, starting with the soil...preparing me for what He is planting.


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